Hire me as an advisor

I want to help you to help you getting your bootstrapped SaaS project from $0 to $10k MRR. And then make an exit.

  • 10%

    You give me 10% of your company and 10% of your proft (only after it reaches $10k MRR).

  • 2 calls per month

    We have a 2 hours call every 2 weeks and talk about your project.

  • i'm not your boss

    You do what you do in any way you want. I just give my perspective and help you with marketing and product.

  • My network is yours

    I connect you with my friends in the SaaS world.

  • I'm available for you

    You can reach me in Discord or Telegram any time and we will discuss your questions via text.

  • No promises

    You are not guaranteed to reach $10k MRR. I only teach you my style of building and growing.

  • I do not work for you

    You do the job, I help you to find the right direction.

  • free promo

    I help you to promote your business across my network.

  • Rent my brain

    I will be thinking about your project and generate ideas for you.

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