3 SaaS Ideas You Can Start In 2024 and make $10K MRR

updated on 10 June 2024

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You want to earn money on the internet? Not just hundreds of bucks, but reach financial freedom? Let's say $10,000 per month. $10K is not a huge amount. Even a simple SaaS tool can make you $10,000 per month. You don't need to build something huge and complex. You don't need to be a genius programmer.

I used to make $16K with my SaaS (Unicorn Platform) until I sold it. I only had basic JavaScript knowledge but I built it solo.

Once you reach that point, you will realize how easy it actually is 

About ideas

But what exactly should you create? Ideation is the hardest and most important step. It's easy to pick the wrong idea and spend years building stuff that only your friends will buy to support you. Sounds familiar, right?

This is why I made this list of 3 SaaS ideas that can help you make $10K per month or even more.

  • These ideas are simple. You can build them solo by yourself. With no-code tools, you can make an MVP within a day or two and start earning cash. Only then begin to code.
  • These ideas can bring you $10K MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) or more. 
  • And most importantly, these ideas are easy to market. I will give you some directions to start.

Idea 1: TikTok agency

The first idea was brought to me by Pieter Levels, the most famous maker in the world. He said that you can make a TikTok agency to promote startups. This sounds really cool. I like this idea.

In my previous video, I said that the startup market lacks products that help other startups grow - marketing tools. And Pieter Levels suggests we make a TikTok agency. TikTok is a rising trend with many influencers, and the number is growing. But it's almost impossible to negotiate deals with them and pay them to promote your startup. You can be that middleman.

Such a SaaS will connect startups with influencers in their niche. Let's say you make a tool for dog owners. This TikTok agency will match you with influencers who record videos about dogs. The MVP is super easy. You don't need a product or even a landing page. You can do all the work manually yourself. All you need to do is make a list of influencers who create quality content for the right audience. Then find growing startups interested in investing in TikTok marketing and match them.

Your initial product can be a Google Sheet and DMs on Twitter. Start with one niche, like web development, AI, etc. Find micro-influencers and freelance TikTokers who make content in that niche. Offer to connect them with relevant startups in exchange for a cut of the deal.

Once you have some revenue, invest in a website to make a fully autonomous marketplace that operates by itself without manual control. But for an MVP, all you need is a laptop and your hands πŸ™Œ

TikTok is booming, and we'll have even more influencers creating content. There is a need for middlemen to connect them with companies. I would pay for such a service to have influencers promote my stuff (seriously, DM me if you start this. I will buy this and bring you 5 more customers πŸ™‚).

  • Pick this idea. 
  • Make a list of influencers in one startup niche. 
  • Open Twitter, reach out to founders and marketers running startups. 
  • Offer them a curated list of relevant TikTokers to promote their product. 
  • Check the influencers' content to ensure quality. 
  • If clients like it, negotiate the deals and take your cut. 

Great idea with huge potential. Thanks, Pieter, for the suggestion!

Idea 2: social media monitoring

The next idea is a social media tracker for specific keywords. Imagine you're making a startup, like a website builder, and want to promote it on Reddit, Twitter or LinkedIn by plugging it into relevant conversations. Searching through thousands of messages to find the right ones takes ages. Let's make a tool that monitors social networks and finds highly relevant conversations for your project.

For example, if you're making a website builder, monitor keywords like "Which landing page builder would you recommend?" (try here) Your tool will find hundreds of threads where people ask for recommendations. You can hop in and plug your solution.

Now imagine monitoring dozens of keywords!

Now the sweetest part. Your tool can use AI to generate thoughtful replies. Feed it information about your service, features, etc. and let it craft responses. For example, monitor "Why is WordPress so slow?" and automatically reply with something like:

"Hey, I know WordPress can be slow - I've used it many times. That's why I created [your website builder]. It's much faster than WordPress because it doesn't use PHP. It generates static pages which are lightning-fast, uses a global CDN, etc."

The reply

Hundreds of people will see your reply and sign up for your tool. Sounds promising!

But how do you build it? You don't need to code - make an MVP with no-code tools.

First, use a service like RSS.app to create custom RSS feeds for search queries on Reddit or Twitter, like "Which landing page builder would you recommend?" Monitor the feeds to get recent relevant threads.


Then connect the RSS feed to Zapier. In Zapier, scan the feed to find relevant conversations for your customers. Send the conversation links to a Slack channel or Discord server so they can jump in and promote their product. Super easy to set up with huge potential.

Zapier scheme.
Zapier scheme.

There are competitors that scan Reddit and Twitter for brand mentions and keywords, but none utilize AI to auto-generate contextual replies. As AI evolves, the replies will get better and better, improving your tool.

This is a growth and marketing tool. Every startup needs marketing - it's their biggest pain point. If you can help them find customers, you can charge hundreds per month and they'll gladly pay. $10K is just the beginning - it can scale much higher.

Take this idea and run with it if you like it. Pause the video and go make it!

Idea 3: text-to-video for startups

The last idea is a text-to-video SaaS. I'm personally working on this right now because I believe in its potential. I'm not afraid of sharing the idea - I welcome competition.

There are many text-to-visual AI tools like OpenAI's Sora and Runway. But they are made for artists. My tool is for small businesses who need to announce new products, sales, features, etc. It's not for art.

My vision is a startup founder types something like:

"Announcement: New Feature! 5 New Templates. Check it out."

And the tool converts that into a video using AI.

But start simpler! Pick one niche - startup founders, freelancers, coaches, plumbers, etc. Create a set of pre-designed video templates for them to easily make announcement videos for social media.

For the startup niche, make templates for specific occasions like product launches, new features, client testimonials, milestones like 1000 customers, hiring, and other events startups want to share.

Design the templates in a video editing tool like Adobe After Effects. No need to code or use AI yet - just make 20 templates. List them on a landing page and you're done - that's your MVP to start earning revenue.

Then open Twitter, DM some startup founders. Tell them you made a tool to easily create hyper-relevant announcement videos to help them grow, because video gets more engagement than plain text. Show them the templates and offer unlimited videos for a monthly fee. You'll quickly find 10 startups this way to validate the idea.

If people are paying and you enjoy it, then invest in making it a SaaS that generates the videos automatically. Gradually go from manual to automated as you scale up revenue.

Good luck! πŸ€ž

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