MRR went up +$491 after a Product Hunt launch. Full report.

updated on 30 May 2024

I launched my pretty landing page builder for startups on Product Hunt. Here are the stats including visitors, conversion rate and — the most wanted — MMR grow.

Yeah, the sweet crunchy numbers. Come here and get it, my curious friend 😁

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Before we begin I have to say that was actually my 16th launch on Product Hunt. You can read literally everything about my Product Hunt launch experience in this popular article. I update it after every PH launch.


The launch went great and the project got #1 Product of a Day and #4 Product of a Week. I really hoped to get #1 of the week but “v2.0”s are not so popular on Product Hunt as a new project.

See yourself.

Unicorn Platform v1.0 — got 1500 upvotes and 50 comments in 2018.

Unicorn Platform v2.0 — got 900 upvotes and 90 comments in 2019.

Whoa, 90 comments? That is a lot! During the last year, the project got many loyal followers and fans. Which were kind enough to support the launch and send kind words in the comment section.

(Once again: thanks for the support guys! 😀)

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Visitors & users

The Product Hunt effect lasts for a couple of weeks. People start talking about the project outside of PH, so all the traffic channels get a boost.

Here are the stats for the launch days and 2 weeks after it. From the 5th of November until the 20th of November 2019.

  • Users: +329 (before 1197 — after 1526)
  • New visitors: 8,228
  • New visitors from PH only: 3,837
  • Total pageviews: 15,967


This is a solid portion of attention. I’m very thankful to Product Hunt for the opportunity to boost my project <3

Money and conversion

  • Sales: +31
  • MRR: +$491 (before $864 — after $1355 )
  • Conversion rate: landing page visitor — builder user: 3.99%
  • Conversion rate: builder user — paid client: 9.4%
  • Conversion rate: landing page visitor — paid client: 0.4%

I do not work on the conversion at all. I do not track funnels. This sounds infantile. It is.

Analytics, conversion, funnel — it is a huge task that requires time and energy.

I can not build the funnel on mornings, do marketing on noons and product in the evenings. I can truly sacrifice myself to only one thing at a moment. And now it is the product. I spend 1–2 hours every weekday for support and all the rest time of the day is building new features for the users.

May be good founders can do 10 things at a time but I can not 😅

Other gains

A ton of golden feedback has been given. This is awesome.

I got a lot of questions about how to code a website builder. That is why I launched an article series called “building a website builder”.

I also got quite a surprising interest from angels and funds. Unfortunately, this is not what I’m looking for at the moment.


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