Matte Mockups

Free collection of CSS3 phones & tablets mockups. Place GIF, Video or any custom markup inside a minimalistic device and get cool presentation of your project.

Place GIF

One well created animation can make an outstanding effect on your audience. Fortunately, Matte Mockups supports GIF files.

Interactive Slider

Your app has lots of awesome screens to show. Drop a gallery with the sweetest content and engage more people.

Youtube video

Got a nice application screencast? Place the video in the minimalistic mockup and focus attention on your project. As simple as changing a link.


Incredibly Smooth Mockups

Enjoy the power of the minimalism
and lightness tandem.

Custom Markup

Need to add more interactivity? Unleash your creativity and add any HTML inside a mockup. Users love clicking and touching stuff.

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  • 16 Minimalistic Matte Mockups
  • 4 Versions
  • Sketch file
  • Pug + HTML
  • SCSS + CSS
  • JavaScript (Vanilla ES5)
  • Gulpfile
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by Alexander Isora